You may have noticed, if you follow me on Instagram, that there has been a rather special birthday round here recently.  My gran turned 90 on Tuesday, and so to celebrate I made her a quilt for her to actually use.  This will distinguish it from the first quilt I gave her (my first ever one 3 years ago), because that one sits on top of the spare room bed.  Waiting for best.  Or something.

I had a fat 1/8th bundle of Sweetwater’s Reunion that I’d bought around the time I started quilting and which I was keeping for no good reason, but seemed like the perfect option for this quilt.  I paired it up with some Klona navy and got cutting so that I had 480 squares. half of which were destined to become HSTs.

The idea behind the pattern was to have interlocking stars, and I’m sure I saw something along the same lines somewhere, but alas can’t remember where or when (I searched through all my Pins to no avail!)  Anyway, I worked out how many squares of the 2 sizes I needed I could get out of the fat 1/8ths and went from there, then I scoured the interwebs to find a few fat quarters to make it up to the size I wanted.

I started by laying out the squares:

Running out of design wall length in the process:

Then it was on to the HSTs:

And filling in the blanks on the wall, before stacking and stacking and stacking, then sewing and sewing and sewing:

There’s 30 blocks in total, 5 in each of 6 strips, and here’s the first half of the top completed (I spaced on taking a photo of the finished top)

Then it was on to the quilting, which I did in diagonal lines, which I totally eyeballed, thanks to Sue’s suggestion, which saved my knees and sanity from trying to mark them out!

Until finally I had a finished quilt.  Here’s a photo of it in my gran’s garden – sorry the right hand side is a bit rumpled up, my mum was standing on a stool and she still wasn’t quite tall enough!

And here’s the label I did for the back:

Thankfully she loved it, although it’s still hanging over her (unused) zimmer frame in the living room.  The jury is out on whether it will actually be used, or just shown off in its folded up state to the neighbours and multitude of other visitors ;o)