I only gave two big handmade gifts this year (fear not, the other one got tickets to see the men in green chasing a wee oval ball around Wembley in September)  Anywho, for my mum I decided to make a weekend bag using some fabric I grabbed in Mandors back in February during a meet up with some local bloggy friends.  It’s a polyester/cotton blend (I think it’s Fryetts Balmoral range) which is heavy-weight home decor fabric, a lot like the Moon wool range, but without the eczema side effect that wool gives me.  I paired it with some faux leather, lined it with some upholstery linen for the main lining, and some natural cotton for the outer pockets.

On the outside there’s an expanding pocket on one side with snap closures:

And on the other side, there’s a zipped pocket:

The lining has inline pockets on both sides, and a zipped pocket too.

There are handles as well as a removable, adjustable strap, as modelled by mum on Christmas day:


It’s the right size for cabin baggage, as well as useful for taking to a wee weekend getaway, and I’m hoping to have a pattern written up soon.