A few months ago mini fever swept over IG, and caught up in the tide, I signed up for the IG mini swap with a mere 990 of my closest friends (or something like that!)  It was organised by Sandy (curly_boy1) who had a small army of swap mamas to back him up.  Mine was local girl Claire, aka Momma Poppins, who I happened to catch up with at the Stitch Gathering a week or so after the assignments went out.  I told her I hoped she’d given me someone nice, or else I knew where to hunt her down ;o)

As it turns out, our Claire done good, and I got this fabulous mini from Becky (@sarcasticquilter):

What isn’t terribly clear in the photo above is that all that fantastic quilting has been done in rainbow variegated thread!  Becky was a bit worried about this mini, because she had started another one, which I had loved, but had had to change tack when she realised she wouldn’t complete the original in time.  I do hope she gets round to finishing the original some time, it really was looking fab, but this is a great alternative, and gives me a whole load of FMQ options to try and study!

The package also contained some excellent extras:

There’s a rainbow dresden mug rug (which I think I’ll put on the wall too), some M&Ms and some Lego Mixels!  The chocolate is still in tact, one of the packages of Mixels, not so much ;o)  I shall try and eke them out for a while anyway.

Now I just have to wait impatiently for my partner to receive hers…