Following up from the receipt of my parcel in the IG Mini Swap, I thought I’d better show you what I sent out, because, you know, it wasn’t all about me ;o)

Anyway, my partner was Merran waaaaay down under in Australia.  She had a couple of mosaics in her feed, but one wee pouch lurking in the bottom corner of one mosaic, which had an SLR type camera applique on it, sparked my creative urge.  I hunted around a bit, found a graphic I liked, blew it up to A4 size (the biggest paper I happened to have on hand for my printer), and then set about turning it into a pattern, and then into a mini.

Merran had also mentioned a love of LV and text prints, so that covered the background for me, and I decided to go for a simple patchwork so as not to detract from the camera.  I added in the camera strap, which was a combo of stitch sketching and applique, because I felt it looked a bit odd without one.  For the background I quilted 1/4″ either side of each seam to keep it simple.

Here’s a close up of the camera.  Yes, I wrote the words and the numbers in stitches.  Yes, I clearly need my head examined!

We had to add a label and a way of hanging the mini, so I did a bit of a twofer there and labelled a hanging corner:

I added in a few wee extras – an initial ornament I’d found, a wee pot of lush body cream, the clutch from my Love Sewing pattern last month and a pack of Percy Pigs as I suspected chocolate might wilt under the Australian heat at this time of year!

Thankfully it seems to have gone down well with its recipient, and one of her followers has already expressed her jealousy over the Percy Pigs.  I knew I couldn’t go wrong with Percy Pigs ;o)