Thanks to everyone that was good enough to complete last Saturday’s survey on tutorials and how to videos (and to those that haven’t, it’s open ended if you wish to contribute now).  I thought I’d share the analysis of the results so far, as I was quite surprised by the results.

Question 1 was around the sort of tutorials people preferred.  I was expecting, with the advent of Craftsy and the FQS YouTube channel, that video would be the most popular, but in fact one of you was quite vociferous about your dislike of video, while another ‘fessed up about their nefarious train habits, and related allergy to them.

Question 2 was around the kind of tutorials people preferred.  I was curious about this because sometimes I just want to see a particular ‘thing’, and trying to work out projects that it might feature in can be a bit head scratching.  End to end projects are useful though, and it seems like a range of options would keep people happy.

Finally, Question 3 was around the sort of projects people were most likely to seek assistance for.  Now while I can cater for the first 2 here, some of the ‘other’ responses are slightly out of my purview – alas, I can’t knit or crochet, my embroidery is definitely not up for the scrutiny of someone needing assistance, and my clothes making would just about cover how to make sun dresses for women with big boobs!  For the person interested in teddy bears, I have a series on the anatomy of a bear, which you can find here if that helps?  For the person that wanted ‘measures’ could you possibly translate?  That one left me scratching my head a bit I’m afraid Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

Anyway, the purpose of the exercise here was to give me a few ideas for next year’s blog posts as I’m trying to come up with a workable schedule for the blog and myself once the Finish Along has been handed over to our new host, so thanks for playing along, and for the suggestions in the projects part.

If anyone has any particular ideas of things they might want to see, with a restriction to bags and quilts for now, please let me know, otherwise I have a wee list gong for both right now :o)