Thanks to everyone that’s been checking up on me and my rather fragile mental health recently.  My doctor signed me off for another 2 weeks, after which I had 4 weeks of holiday time owing anyway, so I will go back to work in mid January, hopefully bright eyed and bushy tailed, and raring to go, rather than the nervous wreck that had several sleepless nights over the last week leading up to a meeting with my boss and going back to the doctor again.  I’m now armed with a blood pressure monitor which I have to use morning and night to see whether mine is coming down, and the threat of another needle stick in a few weeks after the nurse tried and failed to get some on Monday from my exceedingly shy veins.

When I haven’t been distracted by that, I have actually been sewing, some things that were ‘have to’, and some just because I could.  It’s been nice getting to the bits that were just because I could :o)

Finishes This Week:

I got my IG Mini Swap finished and sent off  (I’ll show the rest of the parcel when it arrives, as one of the extras might have been a giveaway)  I should have pressed it before this photo, it had just been smushed and srunched about as I buried the background quilting ends!

I turned this into something for Issue 8 or Quilt Now:

I made these bee blocks for Hadley for her twin Stitch Tease quilts (excusing the rushed, dark background):

And then made them again when I suddenly noticed just before I went to put them in the envelope, that they were meant to have an LV background (excusing the even more rushed, dark background):

In Progress This Week:

I’m quilting this now.  Yes, I know, you still haven’t seen it, it’s a big star, okay?  I will take a photo when it’s done and not smushed up under the machine:

And this is waiting to be basted, but being cuddle fleece I couldn’t stick it to the design wall to show you I’m afraid!

To Be Worked On This Week:

I picked up some fabrics from Remnant Kings yesterday to make a little something for their 12 days of Christmas.
Finish the 2 quilts above
Anything else that wanders through my mind/past my line of vision

Linking up with Lee and the gang: