Whew, we’ve been hit by a weather bomb (an apparently new invention by the weather forecasters).  What it basically means is that about half the country has blown past and up against my windows, and about half the Atlantic has come down both in liquid and solid forms in the last couple of days.  Needless to say, I have not taken my 2 recently finished quilts out for a wee photo shoot with all that going on!  My other finish hasn’t actually made it past the proper camera yet, but I do have an IG shot of it, so I hope that will suffice…

Finishes This Week:

Pieced in July and basted in October, I finally got my Christmas quilt quilted and bound.  I promise you’ll never have to see this photo again ;o)

Because it’s now become this, all ready to snuggle under at Christmas.  For anyone wanting a pattern, there’s one that Jeni Baker wrote a few years ago, but I basically worked out the biggest HSTs I could get out of the fabric I had, and went from there for the star.  For the corners, it was the biggest 4 squares I could get out of what I had:

My other finish I was a bit more desperate to finish prior to the weather bomb dropping.  I picked up this Wild Kingdom kit from Shannon Fabrics at Spring Market (it came in a box, but that got ditched for luggage weight purposes!  Also, ignore the chevrons, they were an extra in the bag)

If I’d made the kit up to it’s original size, it was going to be a wee bit small for my bed size, so instead of using the ribbed one on top as the binding, I added it to the bottom, and I also didn’t cut the leopard spot strips in half before adding them in.  I grabbed some additional smooth brown cuddle from Plush Addicts, along with some more ribbed for the binding, and created a Katy bed sized one.  The backing is from a bolt of brown dimpled cuddle that I also picked up at Market, with this quilt in mind.  I’m sorry the photo isn’t great, but it was late at night, and I wanted to be underneath it!

My other make was a quick one, a bottle bag using fabric and a pattern from Remnant Kings from their 12 Days Of Stitchmas.  I’ll post a bit more about it later this week:

In Progress This Week:

Aside from the above, I’ve been sorting through fabrics, especially this cube drawer full that was set aside for a special project back in May.  Since the project hasn’t happened yet, I thought I’d release them all into the wilds of my fabrics storage so that they have a chance at another project in the meantime.  I’ve had so many ideas, I can’t wait to get going further.

To Be Worked On This Week:

Inspiration mosaic for the UK Mini Swap on IG
I have absolutely no idea which of the many projects that have crossed my mind that I will go for!

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