Reene tried to make me look at the date today, because it had just scared her, but I told her I’m sticking my head in the sand and that’s that…  So this week I ended up making a tree skirt for a photo shoot.  Yep, I have nowhere to leave a tree on a longer term basis, and I won’t be here for the big day anyway, but I had to make a skirt for a temporary tree.  As you do…  But I did get started on my gran’s present, so I’m not entirely ignoring the big day, right?  Right?!  How are you doing?  Go on, make me feel better/normal ;o)

Finishes This Week:

I decided to draft my own pattern for the tree skirt.  I started with a Cori Dantini Merry Stitches panel I’d got from the Stitch Gathering, then added to it with some other fabrics from the line and pondered.  Having pondered for a bit, I decided that the easiest thing to do would be to feature the girls from the panel with a simple patchwork around them (albeit with some extremely OCD mental rules about the fact that no two prints in the same colour could be next to each other, and no two colourways of the same print could be next to each other)

I divided the skirt up into 6 panels, grabbed my protractor and a flip chart pad, and made a template for the sections.  I cut the batting bigger for each bit, and part pieced, part QAYG’ed the sections, then used the template to cut them to size before joining them with a simple zig zag stitch.  I’d thought about using traditional QAYG joining techniques, but then decided I didn’t want a solid strip between each section, and since it isn’t being used as a quilt, I wasn’t too worried about it being rent asunder!  I backed it with an offcut of a sheet I’d used for another backing previously, and bound it with pre-bought bias binding.

I had a slight fan girl moment when Cori Dantini herself liked the progress pic on IG, especially given the dinginess of the lighting in that particular photo!

Yes, I really do have the wonkiest fake Christmas tree on earth, but since the entire thing, including decorations, cost me just under ยฃ10, I can’t complain too much!

In Progress This Week:

Funnily enough, the present for my gran also uses a Cori Dantini panel.  I’ve hoarded this one for a couple of years now, but I realised it was the perfect colour way for my gran’s living room, so it was brought into the light of day.  A while ago I made my gran a cushion from some faux suede type stuff, as she wanted something for her chair that was big and comfy, but would stand being sat on repeatedly.  A few months later she asked if I would make her an antimacassar from the same fabric, however I knew it would be entirely unsuitable for the task, since it isn’t washable.

I’ve been mentally debating this on and off ever since, but it came to be back at the end of September that what might work was a plain one out of Essex yarn dyed linen in leather for her chair, with a co-ordinating panel for the back of her sofa.  This was where the Beauty Is You panel came into play.  Unfortunately I didn’t grab the other prints from the line, as I came to it rather late, but I raided my stash and came up with a range of prints from other lines that I thought would work.

I used some magic numbers to come up with a ‘pattern’ and got to work on the piecing.  I quilted it with a range of fancy stitches I found on my machine, and my next step is to add the backing, which has some velcro attached clingy stuff so it won’t slide off her leather sofa.

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish gran’s pressie
Sort out my left foot that a pot of screen printing ink fell on
Bake some cookies for the neighbours

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