I know some of you can’t wait to get the numbers behind the finishes, so just for you, here’s a bumper list of stats from the entire 2014 year of finishes:

Finish Along 2014

  • We had 685 people in total linking up start lists
  • We had 450 people in total linking up finishes
  • We had a total of 1,568 finishes – holy crap people, that’s a lot of WIPs put out of their misery!
  • That’s an average of 3.5 finishes per person
  • There were 42 winners throughout the year
  • Quarter 1 saw the most participation with 223 start lists, decreasing gradually over the year to 125 in Q4.  Turns out that whole New Year kick really makes people sign up for stuff.  Significantly Quarter 1 also saw the greatest number of people failing to finish anything compared to the number who linked up start lists.  Take from that what you will ;o)
  • Quarter 4 saw the highest proportion of start to finish lists at 72%, compared to 60% in Q1
  • As the year wore on, more people learned how to get their heads round the time zones.  2 people still missed the end of Q4 though…
  • In Q4 we saw a significant uptake of IG users linking up – please remember to link back to your lists when you do this though, especially if your social media names do not match, Miss Marple I am not, and I’m not sure Adrianne is that way inclined either!
  • At the end of Q4 we didn’t have a single link failure, WTG people, you finally cracked it!
And now my work here is done, go forth and torture entertain Adrianne ;o)
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