So this was the week that I went back to work, albeit that I surprised my colleagues who weren’t expecting me back til next week!  Anywho, between a lingering cold and the air con in the office, I’ve had horribly blocked sinuses for the last couple of nights, leaving me rather disinclined to do anything on the sewing front, in fact I went to bed to read early both nights.  This was slightly unfortunate given that things hadn’t gone entirely the way I wanted with a project at the weekend, and following a couple of tantrums, I had cast aside the present I was meant to be working on.  Given that it should have been posted today, I’m afraid it’s going to be a few days late, sorry dad!

Finishes This Week

Saturday was spent trekking all over the city centre in the snow, and one of my errands was to get a phone upgrade.  I had taken advantage of a Black Friday sale at Nuvango to get myself a cover for the phone I wanted, so see if you can spot the theme between phone and pouch…

I also finished my next Quilt Now project, which should be out in March.

In Progress This Week

The present that’s currently on a time out.

To Be Worked On This Week

Finish the present that’s on the time out!
Exercising my singing voice as part of the Celtic Connections singing weekend.

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