Do you ever find yourself thinking that a project is doomed?  I’m starting to think that about my dad’s birthday pressie.  I seem to take one step forwards and 3 back as I find I’m missing one vital thing after the other (oh, and you can’t get all the things in the same place, and I rarely find I haven’t got something until I’ve solved the previous issue anyway)  Tonight after work I’m picking up what I hope will be the final missing thing, and when I see him a week on Friday I will hand over a parcel come hell or high water!  Also, HMRC e-mailed me to remind me to file my tax return, so I did that as penance.

In the meantime I’ve #sweatnsew’ed with Jillian and walked 6 miles around town on Saturday and finally got my bike trainer up and running yesterday (the most I’ll say about that is that clearly the person who came up with this idea had about 50 times the amount of space I had to play with!).  After Jillian broke my upper arms, I didn’t sew in the evenings last week, but I did finish another little something…

Finishes This Week:

More Lego may have arrived from him down south – this is a cargo plane, complete with motor which opens the front and back cargo doors as well as turning the propellers, plus there’s wee gear handles to move the flaps on the wings around.

In Progress This Week:

I got another couple of Cherie blocks down (for those not following the series of these, the fabric line is called Cherie, and my lazy arse hasn’t come up with a better name for the project!)

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finishing the birthday pressies!
Sewing date with my local bloggy friends on Saturday afternoon – I’m planning to take my Stitch Tease blocks from last year and see if I can get a completed top by the end of the 4 hours.  I suspect talking may take up some time thought ;o)
Going to Cycle Revolution at the velodrome
Hexies – I have 16 hours I’ll be on the train early next week for work, plus an overnight stay, so I’m planning on glue basting a good pile of hexies for a few different projects

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