Whew, I’ve had a whirlwind of a week last week, lots of fun, but a whirlwind nonetheless!  You’ll be pleased to know I actually finished my dad’s pressie before I went to have fun with some local sewing blogging buddies at The Stitchery on Saturday afternoon (more about that later in the week when the resident photographer has shared :o) ) and then that evening I went to see the Revolution cycling series just up the road in at the velodrome they built for the Commonwealths.  Sunday was all about the mundane housework, a fun wee photo shoot and then packing for a work trip to Norwich.

Now for those of you unfamiliar with UK geography, Norwich is about as difficult a place as you can get to from Glasgow.  About the only place from which it might be more difficult would be Fort William or Oban, which are north west of here – you see Norwich is in East Anglia, the bit that sticks out to the east, and Glasgow is in the north west, and things do not run diagonally across the country, not roads, not rail, nothing, you either go across and down and then across again, or down and across, or down and lots of incremental acrosses.  Which is why I’ve spent over 16 hours on trains in the last 2 days, all for a meeting that lasted 4 hours.  Joy.  Still, I took some ‘activity packs’ for the train, which along with Audible kept me busy (my boss thought this was hilarious BTW)

Finishes This Week:

The pressies, but since I haven’t handed them over yet, I can’t share, sorry!

The wee heart that appeared in the February calendar shoot:

In Progress This Week:

I took the blocks from this to sew at the bloggy gathering, and got a couple more rows made (I’d forgotten that the curved bits weren’t made up into blocks yet)  Apologies, I only have this partially laid out photo, I promise I now have the top 4 rows together!

These were my activity packs (don’t worry, the mini charm packs won’t be hanging out together in the end!):

To Be Worked On This Week:

Well my mum and dad are up this weekend, so who knows!

Linking up with Lee and the gang: