There’s been some ups and downs this week – on the upside I’m feeling better, not 100% yet, but close, on the downside, the bathroom that I completely cleared out over the weekend and bought new bits and pieces for (like medicine cabinet, shelves etc) has not been replaced as expected this week, and I have a living room and hall full of bits.  The fitter turned up with the various bits and pieces on Monday with an apology that his last job overran, so my week off to supervise them is now just a week off!  Still, it’s given me time to do a few adminny things behind the scenes, as well as some sewing.

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

A few weeks ago I bought the ‘January Block’ pattern from @ladyharvatine on IG with the intention of using it for my #ukigminiswap, and this weekend I got the 4 blocks sewn up (please excuse crappy IG pic, no co-ordination of light + camera this week)  I used some of my bundle of Paint, and I now have a plan on what to do with the rest of it, when I have a moment!

I’ve also turned this pile into a quilt top for an FQS hop next month.  I want to get it quilted and bound this week, as it’s a baby quilt for a friend who just finished up for her maternity leave, so the little bugger must be imminent!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish the baby quilt
Write up the Rainy Days & Monday’s pattern for testing
Get my admin all done!
Chain the fitters to my bathroom…

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