Despite my fervent hopes to the contrary, my main WIP this week has been finishing the bathroom, which I finally did last night.  Or so I thought.  Then I found when I was scrubbing off all the decorating debris, that there was a crack in the bath.  I could have cried!  So on the phone to the suppliers and fitters to sort it out…

In the non paint-filled times, I finished my Quilt Now Issue 11 project, and have been playing jigsaw puzzles with hexies for my rainbow IG mini swap.  That part was the more enjoyable part of the week…

Finishes This Week:

Quilt Now Issue 11 project, which will be available in May.

Last but one round of the Brit Bee medallions, which I hope we’ll be able to reveal soon.

The bathroom (round 1), sorry, I don’t have photos of the former horror!  I can tell you it was green with greenish cream fittings and a dead electric shower (and the replacement attached to taps one scalded you if you stood up due to differing hot/cold water pressures)

From the door towards the sink:

Moving round to the left:

And the last corner, the shower above the offending bath

In Progress This Week:

Rainbow mini swap mini.  My partner has been deathly silent on IG, and after a vote on IG by my followers didn’t tell me a decisive direction to head in, I just went with what fabrics I wanted in the end, because, you know, it’s all about me ;o)  I’ve been having a bit of a hexie placement crisis though, any thoughts?

To Be Worked On This Week:

Rainbow mini swap – I need to finish this very soon, so it’s my first priority.
Writing up my Rainy Days And Mondays bag – painting pushed this off the list last week unfortunately

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