I feel incredibly guilty – I thought I was being so organised, I got a new e-mail list of testers, used it for my Mini Messenger Bag got everyone’s signs up and replies corralled and the photos all saved off in named folders… except I’d forgotten that two lovely friends had the pattern already ‘in advance’ as it were, and I didn’t corral them in with the rest.  So here they are, better late than never (I hope!)

Francine did a fabulous paper pieced flap for her version, which she made for her daughter:



And this is just one of several that Lori has made (I think she’s gone into a family production line!)  Doesn’t she have a fantastic choice in fabrics?  I do have a weakness for Tula…


And do you know what makes them especially lovely friends?  Neither of them called me out on my omission!  So big hugs to both of you, and I’m very sorry I missed you!

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