I always like it when I can finally do a full reveal of some secret sewing, although it’s had a wee outing on IG, I wanted to look a bit more at the mini I sent for the UK mini swap, because I really loved how it came out – it went all the way to Edinburgh, so maybe I can still get visiting rights ;o)

It all started when I saw the ‘January Block’ by @ladyharvatine on IG.  She created it for the LAMQG for their BOM, but the block pattern is available from her shop for the princely sum of $4.

I knew my partner liked rainbows, and while casting around my potential fabric options, I suddenly remembered the bundle of Paint that I bought at Market last spring, and I knew it was meant to be.  I made this as my trial block:

Then I moved on to the option with the ‘missing link’ ring part (there’s templates for both options):

And kept going until I had 4 blocks in total, which was just the right size for a mini at 24″ square.

When it came to quilting it, I just couldn’t bring myself to go down the straight line or matchstick route, those circles were calling out to me to be highlighted in some way, so I dusted off my rusty FMQ skills (18 months between projects isn’t too long, right?!), and made myself a couple of paper template that allowed me to mark out the edges of where the circle would have been in the ‘missing link’ sections.  I had decided to do a diamond grid in the rings, with FMQ in the centres, but I started with the FMQ in case it all went a bit pear shaped, and needed to grid the whole thing!

Funnily enough, it was the circles round the edge of the flower that nearly killed me here,  I started with the flowers, and obviously got a bit cocky, because there were a good 5 sessions of un-quilting a circle or two after something went a wee bit jerky, or it didn’t really look like a circle.  I think I got there okay in the end though:

For the wee diamonds between the rings I did a kind of mini flowery thing, trying to echo the shapes I used to make up the flowers, and for the rings, as mentioned before, I did a grid on the diagonal, using a grey thread so that it was cleared on the ‘missing link’ sections of the rings.:

Luckily my lovely friend Rachael at Imagine Gnats had made a few projects for Paint fabric designer Carrie Bloomston for Market, and had sent me her ‘scraps’, which were really quite large bits – enough to use the paint chips for the back, and the fab red with newspaper strips for the binding.

It was definitely a fun project, I now feel a bit of an urge to make more minis or something!