Let’s get the home decorating out of the way first – so for those of you following the fascinating tale of the excess grout on the kitchen tiles, so far the score is Grout 1 – Katy 0, but it’s half time, and I’m rounding up some new subs from the bench in the form of better scouring pads – I will not be defeated!  Don’t faint, but there’s someone coming to fix the bath today too, so fingers crossed all my DIY will be a distant memory soon…

So when I wasn’t working or cursing the tiling, I was doing a whole pile of riveting paperwork – I got the Issue 12 Quilt Now pattern written up and sent in, and my Rainy Days and Mondays pattern is out for testing – that was all by Friday night so I was feeling all efficient like after that!  After that it was all about some market research and seeing stars ready for my class starting next Thursday.  I think I need a bigger design wall (or perhaps to finish the quilt that’s been on there since January *ahem*), as it was all getting a bit confusing with giant star pieces and Cherie blocks on top of each other o.O

Finishes This Week:

This little lot is now at Quilt Now HQ waiting to be photographed in its finished state:

This is out for testing:

In Progress This Week:

I’ve been hoarding the 7 half yard cuts from Moroccan Mirage since I started quilting and fell in love with the colours, but couldn’t work out what to do with 7 prints! As fate would have it, they found themselves in close proximity to some Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow, the planets aligned and a couple of stars were born to be used as class samples.  The plan is to have one completed top that I can use to show the basting stage, and the other to be in progress – it worked perfectly, but with the crowded design wall you’ll just have to take my word for it that this is now 3/4 of a completed star and a lot of cut bits, okay?

To Be Worked On This Week:

I’m hoping to get all my star bits done tonight
I have some double gauze calling my name to be turned into a summer quilt
But then I also had a brainwave for a new bag design so who knows!

Hope you all had a great week!