I don’t think ‘time flies as you’re having fun’ more ‘time passes at warp speed whether you’re having fun or not!’ these days.  I’m sure last Wednesday was only yesterday at any rate.  Anywho, for those following the bath saga, it can’t be fixed, it will need to be replaced.  Let’s not dwell on that…

On the sewing front it’s been all about gearing up for my first class at The Stitchery tomorrow!  I’ve created a whole pile of class samples, and gathered more examples than was perhaps strictly necessary, but I’m all set.  I think.  Wish me luck!  I also made a couple of bee blocks, and then I did a bit of playing on Sunday because I just needed a bit of a time out.  In my mind it looks great, not so sure how it will look in reality ;o)

Finishes This Week:

I’m going to call the class samples a finish, even though I don’t have a useable quilt, because this is all they will ever be (until the class is retired at any rate!)  This is the finished top, but I have step outs of all the component parts too in identical fabric (since I happened to have a half yard bundle to work with rather than FQs, it seemed sensible to use the same ones)  I even have little 12″ block versions for when I come to demo the quilting part.  Am I overthinking this?!  It is a beginner’s class though…  (the top is square BTW, it’s just that it was a deceptively windy day!)

I did some super easy Stitch Tease bee blocks for the lovely Cindy:

In Progress This Week:

This lot has been cut up.  It’s not a secret, I just don’t have anything more tangible to show right now!  I can tell you that in my head it will look like prayer flags, in reality on the other hand…  In this photo I was asking for votes on the background colour from those on the bottom – in the end I went with the Essex linen, bottom left, although I think I might need to order some more, but we’ll see, nothing like a game of fabric chicken to rev you up ;o)  I’ve ditched the 4 fabrics on the right in the 2nd row too, as they were too close to the background.  Well, I ditched them as flags at least, they may appear elsewhere…

To Be Worked On This Week:

I’m off up north to see the Narcoleptic’s New Cupboard for the bank holiday weekend, so beyond taking some photies, I’m promising nothing!

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: