Last week I showed you the photos from the first part of my bank holiday weekend up north, so here’s the second part I promised, which were all taken on the journey home.  I had fun just stopping randomly wherever I saw something I fancied taking a photo of, since I had nothing I particularly had to get home for, so this is what came out between Forres and Aviemore, after which I hit the A9 and didn’t stop again until I was home.

Sarah kept promising me afternoon tea at Brodie Castle, but we never got there, so I just took myself there first on the way home!  It’s not entirely what I think of when I think ‘castle’, more like a rather big house, but it’s not a bad wee pad really:

And it has some quite nice flowers in the garden – this photo is about 3 x actual size!

Next stop was Dallas Dhu distillery (someone demanded a distillery on the ‘what shall I take photos of’ list)  Shame I don’t actually like whisky…

This was on the road to Grantown on Spey, note the snow covered mountains in the distance.  It snowed on me as I drove up through them on the Friday!

And a bit closer look at those mountains south of Grantown.  With the sheep in the foreground I almost think it looks like an Alpine scene rather than the Cairngorms:

Next I stopped at the train station at Boat Of Garten, where I found this chap outside:

And finally a steam train came in:

Shame it was going backwards!

And then I made like the littlest piggy and went wee wee wee all the way home.  That was probably all the coke though ;o)