I seem to be going through a Paint obsession right now, almost a year after I first picked it up at Market – nothing like being cutting edge, right? ;o)  Anywho, Issue 11’s theme was jewel tones, and you know, the purple Paint print just leapt out at me.  I had just been chopping up bits for the UK mini swap mini, and I happened to have a couple of extra large scraps of this print in particular, kindly donated by the lovely Rachael of Imagine Gnats, so it was clearly meant to be!

This wee backpack is amazingly satisfying if you’re in a bit of a bad mood, as you get to punch holes and hammer grommets in, fabulous for taking your frustrations out on :oD

This is another fabulous issue, packed with fun projects, so pop into your local newsagents and see if you can relieve them of a copy :o)