That was another lightning fast week on the sewing front – on Thursday I was teaching the first of my Beginners Quilting classes at the Stitchery, and the constellation of stars is certainly going to be colourful!  I have 6 ladies covering quite the range of fabrics, and I look forward to sharing the finished results in a few weeks.

From Friday after work until Monday evening I was with my good friend Sarah, who has moved herself, her family and her sewing cupboard off Shetland and down to the mainland, so I can actually drive there in around 4 hours.  Well, it takes rather longer if you do as I did on the way home and careen to a halt every time to see a photo op, but it was a lovely way to spend a fairly sunny day, just dotting around between Forres and Aviemore.  After that I hit the A9 and cruised on homewards at a relatively good pace.

Needless to say, sewing has been about zilch, but we did get a chance to lay out the final rounds of Brit Bee medallions for a couple of people, and I got a flock of geese stitched up which I was with Sarah, so we are edging ever closer to a full reveal…

In the meantime, since I can’t leave you without a photo, here’s what was left right next to my bed.  I can neither confirm nor deny if it was still exactly like this when I left ;o)