It’s been a slightly odd week, I can’t quite put my finger on it, just… odd.  Anywho, odd or not, I did get a load of things done and cleared off my plate somewhat earlier than expected, so this weekend I can attend to some rather mundane tasks I’d been putting off for a while.  I might even tackle that grout.  Maybe.  And for those following the bath saga, they’ve ordered a new one, I just have to wait for the fitters to be available…  And finally, I’ll be getting my meters changed on Friday, the DIY excitement around here is neverending I tell you!

Finishes This Week:

I turned this little lot into a Quilt Now project on Saturday.  To make me feel extra virtuous about it, I even walked into town to pick it all up from Remnant Kings, so I #sweatnsewed too.  It’s okay, I’m keeping an eye on that halo so it doesn’t slip and strangle me ;o)

I got a gaggle of geese churned out too, and they’re all sewn together to finish someone’s Brit Bee Medallion.  We’ve been making these medallions for flipping ever about 2 years, and now the end is almost nigh for a complete reveal.  However, until she who must be obeyed says so, this is the most I can show you…

In Progress This Week:

Having got the QN project done on Saturday in amazingly short time (I have ADHD issues when making things, squirrels frequently distract me.  Shiny too…), I got cracking on the pattern for my Cotton + Steel mini swap.  I’d suddenly seen a flurry of activity on IG and it scared me into thinking I was going to have to send my mini out imminently…  Of course, once I’d finished drawing it up, I checked the deadline and discovered I had more than a month to go.  Oh well, the pattern’s done now!  It might be a bit difficult to visualise, but I was trying to tick a lot of boxes from my partner’s mosaic.  The geese at the side were inspired by Jeli Quilts’ free geese pattern on Craftsy, but alas hers were too big for the space I had, so I had to draw my own.  Feel free to grab her pattern though, she’s got loads of fun geese projects to go with the borders.

To Be Worked On This Week:

I’m kind of itching to get that mini started now I have the pattern drawn up, so I might have to indulge myself a little
I also have some blog admin stuff to get on with, so I’ll alternate between that and the mini!

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: