Whew, what a head spinning week, I think my head rotated a couple of times by Saturday morning o.O  I ended up covering for someone else at work the tail end of last week and doing silly hours on Thursday and Friday, so the weekend was all about recovery time, oh, and getting presents made for people that think the 14th June is ‘the end of the month’ ;o)  I also got in May’s Stitch Tease blocks done, and started on another Quilt Now project.  Now there was no ‘personal’ sewing in there, but the end is in sight, one trip to the PO on Saturday and everything will be done, done, done for the month!  Bwahahahaha.  I might even get out with the camera (although having said that, it will now precipitate from around 4pm on Friday until 8am on Monday).

Hope you’ve all had a great week!

Finishes This Week:

Stitch Tease blocks for Val.  Oh my, I thought I’d just whip these 8 6″ blocks up in a couple of hours before cracking on with the present making.  7 1/2 hours later I was questioning my sanity, time management skills and perfectionist tendencies, but they were done!  BTW, those wee squares finish at 1″…

This little lot is now finished, and I’ll share once the upcoming wanderers have received.  I didn’t use the thread in the end, or the grey sketch, but you can try and work out what they would have been used for in the end when you see the final thing ;o):

And apparently I forgot to take a photo of the fabrics for the last project, or in fact to record anything about it other than the photos prior to wrapping it last night.  Oh well, you’ll just need to trust me that there is one ;o)

In Progress This Week;

This is well on its way to being a QN Issue 15 project.  I could tell you what it was… but then I’d have to kill you ;o) :

To Be Worked On This Week:

Bind my Cotton + Steel mini
Finish my QN Issue 15 project
Get June’s Stitch Tease blocks done (these promise to be much faster!)

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: