Some bags are designed to be carried over your shoulder on delicate straps, or attached to your wrist, or even clutched in your hand, while others are designed to be dumped on the ground a lot.  For the ones who have a rougher go of it in life, it can be useful to add bag feet to try and protect the base a little from the nasty icky stuff on the ground (especially if you happen to live in a place where it rains at least as many days of the years as it doesn’t!)

Thankfully it isn’t that hard to add feet, but you will need a base to insert them into that’s more structured than the fabric.  For the base there are a few options, but try and avoid paper based ones because one puddle will pretty much finish that off!  The option that I usually go for is a plastic grid, which is also used for tapestry.  When using this grid, it’s a good idea to cut very close to the grid lines when cutting out, so there are no rough edges to catch on the fabric.  Other options that I know people have done include template plastic and even recycled cutting mats.

Once you have your outer bag made up, you need to cut your base insert the same size as the base of your bag.  Then measure and mark on the base where you would like your feet to be.  I put one at each corner, usually 3/4″ in, and then depending on the length and width of the base add 2 or more in between.

With the base in place, you need to cut through at each of the marks.  Often with the grid base it will cut through between 2 holes in the grid, so it is important that it is fully in place at this point:

Insert the feet, and open out the prongs to keep them in place:

Repeat until all are inserted:

And you’re done!