Oops!  My calendar tells me I got out of sync with my tutorials again, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to (finally) tell you all about the completed Brit Bee Medallions that we’ve been working on for nearly 2 years in the utmost of secrecy!

To give you a little background, as a bee we had done a couple of years of the traditional block swap approach, but 2 years ago there was a bit of a medallion craze going on, so being shy, retiring and generally understated as a group we made up our own pattern, hyped it up by showing off our centres (each was unique) and then hid it from everyone while we worked on it.  Well, to be fair, Hadley made up our pattern, and the spreadsheet to go with it that said who would do what and when ;o)

Now at the start of this round we lost one of our original members, Terri, after aggressive cancer treatment had left her feeling unable to carry on (her shoulders were particularly badly affected), and so she opted to drop out of the sewing part of it, although she remained a stalwart of the social side.  Sadly, by the time we actually completed the medallions, we had lost her entirely to the scourge that is cancer, but it seemed fitting that it was her thanksgiving service when we were able to exchange them.  I do hope she approved of the final results, and felt that the 8 of us that were able to make it in person did her proud at the service!  (Photo collage below courtesy of Hadley)

In no particular order (although mine is first because, well, it’s my blog ;o) ), here are the final results:











Now please excuse us while we go and think up our next dastardly plan…