As it’s the first of the month, I’d like to start with July’s calendar offering – it seems the perfect time of year for garden parties and bunting:

Now I wish to make a complaint.  All I’ve heard this week on the radio etc is how fabulous the weather is, and my IG feed is filled with friends lounging in the garden.  It may be nice down south, but we’re getting warmish drizzle and clouds, and it’s just icky!  So keep your good news to yourself, all of you out sunning yourself ;o)

Anywho, moving on, I actually adulted this week.  I decided on Friday morning that I wasn’t going to be removing that excess grout any time soon, so I was just going to move everything back into the kitchen and live with it until I have the time and energy to deal with it.  Since I wasn’t starting work til 1, I’d got it all done by lunchtime, and now I feel so much better that things are all readily to hand, and I’m not tripping over bags of stuff in the hall!  Also, I now have all my reusable shopping bags back :oD  Not only that, I taxed my car and then I walked the 2 miles to Tesco on Saturday to enjoy the brief interludes of sunshine while I grabbed a couple of things I needed for dinner AND I even did work on my blog migration, even if it did inadvertently spam Twitter and FB, sorry if that hit you, I’ve now cleaned up the mess…  After that I sewed :o)

Finishes This Week:

The kitchen?  No photos though… (let’s pretend the grout isn’t there too, ‘kay?)

I did get that last Brit Bee medallion done too, but I can’t share photos of that just yet (couple of weeks though now, yay!)

In Progress This Week:

My small world is growing again, and now it has a cushion cover to match.  Why has it got a cushion cover you ask?  Well this was my first stab at this block that I’m calling the factory.  It was too dark.  Waaaay too dark.  I’d joined it just to the piece above, but after looking at it for half an hour I frogged it and made another one.  Can I just mention that these things take for-flipping-ever to cut and sew together?!  Plus there’s an awkward y-seamy kind of a thing in there.  So I think I should get points for doing it twice (there’s actually another one in my future for the extension part too o.O )

Here’s how the whole thing is looking now.  It’s getting really hard to photograph now that it’s 72″ x 56″, especially trying to light it as it doesn’t get enough natural light across the whole thing (dark cloudy skies notwithstanding), and the artificial lighting isn’t even across it.  I think I’ll fit the whole width on my design wall, but I’ll never get the whole height on there, so I’m going to need to work out another photo option soon!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Do you know, now that I can see most of the hall floor, I think I might actually do some hoovering!
Taking my gran and her friend out to lunch on Saturday
Repotting a few herbs
I suppose I’ll keep growing my world too :oD

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: