It’s been a quiet week on the sewing front what with spending time down south with my Brit Bee buddies over the weekend.  The train journey gave me a little pattern writing time, but for the most part I sat back and listened to an audio book, partly because I don’t do terribly well with the pendolino trains on the twisty windy bits down to Carlisle, and partly because it was nice to relax for a bit!  I did get a wee bit done on Monday and Tuesday evenings, but I’ve been doing early mornings again, so trying to avoid slicing my finger off from tiredness became a slightly higher priority than sewing ;o)  My mum’s up to play this weekend, and I’ve got a guest post to prep for, but my MSW might grow a little more, especially if my hours are back to normal at work from tomorrow.

Finishes This Week:

You’re having a laugh!

In Progress This Week:

I finished the last of the rainbow parts for section 5 of my MSW, although I didn’t get a photo of it, but the idea of sewing all the grass and sky to go underneath them all put me off a bit, so I forged ahead with the building in part 6 and got what I’m calling the posh high rise flats built (with apologies for horrible light again):

To Be Worked On This Week:

Extending the section 6 MSW buildings
Guest blog post project for Remnant Kings

Hope everyone had a great week!