Whew, I’ve been doing a lot of 5 am starts at work this last week, and after a night out on Friday I wasn’t entirely sure which way was up on Saturday!  Still, I took my gran and her friend out to lunch and potted 8 herbs to go on my window ledges, so it wasn’t an entirely unproductive day.  I did 3 loads of washing too, aren’t you impressed by my adulting skills? ;o)

Anywho, I did get some sewing done, and I taught my last class for this round of beginner’s quilting on Monday evening, so all was not entirely lost.

Finishes This Week:

I’ll show all the finishes from my class on Friday, since they weren’t technically *my* finishes.

In Progress This Week:

So this week I learned patience, the zen art of MSW sky creation, and why stack and whack cutting can ultimately be a PITA.  As I finished the building part of section 4, I realised that I wouldn’t be able to do what I did with section 3 and build up the sky to be level with sections 1 and 2, because on section 4 that seam line would actually pass through the middle of a larger square, so I decided to just make the whole sky section.  Which led to the learnings above…

Here’s the last part of the buildings first BTW:

And now the sky.  Originally I was going to use the 2 1/2″ Sizzix die to cut the smaller squares, but while that would have been great if I was cutting from scraps, when I decided the whole thing was going to be from Moda Grunge, that was coming from yardage, so it made more sense to do it the old fashioned way by cutting 2 1/2″ WOF strips and then sub-dividing them.  Which is where the stack and whack came in.  When I went to sew the first strip of these together, I discovered that sometimes the stack had slipped a wee bit, and in fact I was not joining perfect squares, resulting in a slightly longer and slightly wonky line.  In the end I discovered that the only way I could get truly accurate piecing was to join the squares to each other in pairs and trim any whiskers of extra fabric, then build up from there.  Which was tedious, and led to the patience, and ultimately zen approach.  Bloody boring to put together though, and not entirely exciting to look at…

To Be Worked On This Week:

This weekend I’m getting together with my Brit Bee buddies down south for a memorial service for Terri, one of the original bees.  There will maybe be some sewing and pattern writing on the train, but otherwise, with more 5am starts in my future, I’m not expecting a huge amount of sewing to get done.

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