Last month we looked at how natural light behaved outdoors, so this month we’re going to move it on inside.  Now one of the challenges that people have with taking photos indoors is getting the right lighting, so this month your challenge is to explore what’s possible with the places you have available to you.

Pick a few objects of varying sizes to photograph and move them around to what you consider to be naturally well lit areas of your house.  By that, I mean areas where you consider there to be good amounts of light without having to turn on electric lighting of any kind.  This is likely to be near windows or doors, but check out the difference in available light on different sides of your property at different times of day.  What you learned in the last challenge should also influence how you approach this month – think about the time of day and how that will affect the colour of the light.

For the second part of the challenge, try moving your objects away from the light source and see how far away you have to go before you lose the natural light.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!