I have to confess that I’ve not sewn a single stitch this week!  Thursday and Friday I was working quite late, I spent Saturday going down glens and up hills, and then all day Sunday and Monday night saw me grappling with the design of a new pattern and a great deal of angst!  Last night I started cutting though, so I did one little bit of sewing related work that did not involve screaming at Illustrator and waving a ruler around in frustration…

Finishes This Week:

I spent 5 miles walking up and down lots of steep bits of rocky bog, that must count as a finish, right?!

The down:

And the up:

And the mud… (those boots are light blue and grey BTW)

In Progress This Week:

This is the fabric/notions pull for the angst inducing pattern:

And here’s another little project I picked up.  The Eternal Maker was getting rid of some old Kona colour cards with ‘only’ 243 colours on it, so I grabbed one to chop it up rather like many of the good folks on Instagram (I’d been too cheap to buy one full price to do that with!)

To Be Worked On This Week:

QC Issue 16 project
Developing the pattern from hell (which will obviously be renamed before I release it ;o) )

I think that should keep me going, hope you all have a great week!