I’ve got one lonely, pathetic photo for you this week.  Not that I’ve only done one lonely, pathetic thing, but a lot of things have been deep dark secrets.  Well to be fair, one will cease to be a secret in a couple of weeks, but the other will be, like, months until publication *sigh*  The secret that’s coming out in a couple of weeks is really exciting though, so I hope you’ll forgive me please ;o)

Finishes This Week:

One super secret ‘Think Pink’ inspired Quilt Now submission.

In Progress This Week:

My MSW extension panel has grown by one whopping row of houses, which aren’t even joined yet:

To Be Worked On This Week:

I’m away visiting some friends next week, so I have a couple of wee gifts to make
I’m hoping to get back to the pattern I was wrestling with last week, but I need to fight a few more pattern pieces after I decided it was too big
Hope you all have a great week!