Dear Katy,

I hope you can help me with my problem.  I have developed a terrible twitch that only occurs when I am browsing online fabric stores.  Without me realising it I have added several items to my basket and clicked pay, all in the blink of an eye and with no thought as to whether I actually need the fabrics or not!  What can I do to stop this problem before my stash takes over the house ???

Addicted To Fabric


Dear Addicted,

It is clear to me that you actually have several issue here which we need to address:

1. You think you need to be on a fabric diet.  As with the age old rule that you should never hit the supermarket when you’re hungry, so should you never hit the online fabric shop when on a fabric diet, it will only lead to temptation and a fat stash.

2. If you have time to browse fabric shops, then you have time to sew with the fabric you already have, so put down that mouse and step away from the computer, then head over to your sewing machine and use some of that fabric in a creative way.  Or sew a zippy pouch.  Whatever.  Just use up some of that stash and ship it on out to make room for more.

3.  Assuming that #2 barely makes a dent in that stash, you obviously need to look at your housing situation, for instance I’m sure guests and children don’t really *need* a room of their own, but your stash does, it would be selfish of them to deny it.  If, however, the other members of your household refuse to budge from their respective rooms, the only obvious option is to buy a bigger house.

I do hope that this has helped with your issue today, and failing all else, feel free to rehome any excess fabrics with me.  My fabric already has its own room…