I was lucky enough to be invited along to Remnant Kings’ press night on Wednesday in Glasgow (so funny, I was worried they were inviting me because I appear in Quilt Now, but apparently it’s because of this here blog!)  Anywho, they were launching a whole new range of fabrics for autumn/winter, so we got a chance to wander around, look at the new offerings, down a cupcake, and attend one or two of the demos.

The event was held in the Argyle Street branch, which tends towards fashion fabrics, but they had some great wool and faux wool offerings (for those of us wot are allergic to the real itchy stuff) which got my little bag making heart go all pitter patter, and although they weren’t promoting the quilting fabric, I happened to spy the new Heather Ross kitties and ballerinas frollicking around on the shelves.  Talking to some of the staff members (Hi Hazel!), they mentioned that they have even more of their brand new own brand faux wool over the river in Clyde Place, so I’m looking forward to going over there and checking it out soon.

Highlights of the evening were, the goodie bags – spotty red scissors being the most fun part:

Giving everyone a good laugh as I quite inadvertently found myself standing beside the bolt of this gorgeous Fryett Balmoral fabric clutching my Rainy Days & Mondays bag, while listening to the opening speeches:

And finally we got to have a wee play with the leatherette and make a pouch in their newly opened Sewing Hub.  I may, or may not have been a smart arse and boxed my corners too ;o)

It’s been lovely to see Remnant Kings coming into its own in the last couple of years, and I really enjoy coming up with new projects for them when I can.