It should have been my week this week.  I’d mostly got over my cold, I had a whole weekend that was commitment free (barring a trip to Whose Crime Is It Anyway on Friday night) and I was going to sew up lots of things I’d promised to people… Then I made the fatal mistake of going to bed on Friday night and bam, lower back spasms which twinged a little on Saturday morning, hit me with full force by the afternoon and then Sunday was a complete write off as I tried to get comfortable (the bath still has that crack so that wasn’t an option).  I was not a happy bunny!  It’s still not right by the way, but not as bad as it was.

Anywho, I can hear those tiny violins playing in the background right now, so I’ll get on with the sewing matter in hand ;o)

Finishes This Week:

I was lucky enough to have the lovely Karen Lewis send me some of her soon to be released line, Blueberry Park, to create a few things for her.  I can’t share the finished articles right now, but this is what they started life as:

I also got my class sample finished more than 2 weeks ahead of the game (haven’t done the write up part yet, shh!)

In Progress This Week:

I’ve got 5/8 of this Brit Bee round 4 starter block done, but then got 2 colours in 2/8 sections mixed up, so I’m unpicking a wee bit to try and resolve that:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Fix my back
Finish my Brit Bee starter block
Do my QN Issue 17 projects that I meant to do on Sunday
Start on my Schnitzel & Boo mini quilt swap since I just got the fabric I ordered in, I just need to check it in daylight together now that I have it all at home

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: