I had a little fun this weekend.  My back still isn’t 100%, but I decided I’d just head out and explore Glasgow’s Doors Open Day on either side of getting my hair cut.  Doors Open Day is a fantastic invention, whereby you get to go in and poke about in buildings that you would never normally get to set foot inside, or at least to see whole different aspects from the normal way the building is used.  I saw the City Chambers (so much marble and tile and hideous excess.  My Auntie Girlie would have been thrilled – she had no taste whatsoever ;o) ), then had a brief jaunt into the newly opened Anchor Line restaurant (seriously crowded, and heaven help the poor people actually trying to eat there as the world and his wife peered over their tables to examine the art and memorabilia on the walls!) and my last stop before the hairdressers was to the Argyll Arcade, and an art exhibition on the very top floor where you could get out onto the roof and see the city centre laid out below.  After a bit of a cut and colour, it was round to the Briggait to see all their art studios (so many fabulous jewellers and painters, oh, and a circus school) and finally up to the Lighthouse to get up an even higher tower to peer around the city (and encounter little old ladies with no sense of direction).  I was planning to head out on the Sunday as well, but my neighbour downstairs has taken to playing execrable music horrendously loudly til gone 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays, so I was a bit too knackered and stayed in to sew…

Finishes This Week:

Quilt Now Issue 17 project completed.  It all came from some of this Christmas Dreams fabric by Wendy Kendall for Dashwood Studios.  Guess when it will be out ;o):

I also got my start block done for the next round of Brit Bee.  I’m planning to use all solids for this quilt:

We launched a new bag camp, does that count as a finish?  Or only when it’s over?  We’ve certainly been working on it a while!

In Progress This Week:

This landed on my doorstep from Poppies And Polka Dots and after a bit of fondling, I’ve started to chop it up in order to turn it into a wee tutorial for their blog (apparently it’s a Dashwood Studios kind of a week!):

To Be Worked On This Week:

I probably won’t get much done this week as I’m off to the Rugby World Cup, and a wee jaunt round London Town for a long weekend, but you never know, next Tuesday might be really prolific ;o)

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: