October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so in honour of that I made a Think Pink bag for Issue 16 of Quilt Now.  I originally made a bag from this pattern for my friend Terri to take to hospital for her cancer treatments.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer first, for which Brit Bee made her a quilt.  Only a few months after being given the all clear from the breast cancer she was diagnosed with the secondary cancers that would eventually take her life.  Other Brit Bee buddies showered her with cushions, but being a bag lady, I thought I could do something more in that line.  I carefully stamped some choice words on my thoughts on cancer on the inside of the bag, only to find out months later that she used to take it to the hospital turned inside out to give the other patients a laugh ;o)  So now you know that this bag can technically be used inside out should you require it…

I didn’t publish this pattern before because I thought it should just be Terri’s bag while she was around, but when the theme for this issue arrived in my in box shortly after her memorial service, I knew it was the perfect time to release it into the world.  I hope you like it!

The fabric I used for this bag came from Remnant Kings, and I admit I’ve been trying to work out a reason to buy some for a while (I bought some with turquoise in place of the pink to make a skirt, erm, 3 years ago, but still haven’t made it!).  The fabric is a heavier weight than quilting cotton, and can be found in their home decor section here.

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