So the icky weather is definitely back after quite a nice month and a half or so, although we’ve been getting some really weird light among the clouds the last few days, like they have in films when the apocalypse is coming soon, so, you know, if I’m not here next week, that’s why ;o)

Amazingly this weekend I actually finished the Sew Brit Bag Camp bag pattern for the beginners.  Yes Kerry, I can hear you cheering from up here ;o)  As part of that I managed to make a wee video of how to make an adjustable strap, so that will be coming to a Bag Making Basics post soon!  I also got a lot of the quilting done on my Schnitzel & Boo mini quilt, although my right ankle is a bit grumpy with all the stops and starts on the straight line quilting part, I suppose that’ll teach me not to design such spiky patterns!

Finishes This Week:

The Sew Brit Bag Camp beginners’ pattern is finished.  As it’s not entirely obvious in this photo, it’s a weekend bag, just the right size to fit in with airline restrictions, and inside has a recessed zip and pockets.  We’re planning to have the different levels make a similar pattern, but the more advanced the group, the more advanced the features will be. I will get a better photo in daylight this weekend, so this is a hastily stuffed, hung on the hooks in the dark shot!:

In Progress This Week:

This is now about half quilted.  I’ve echoed in all the star spikes in thread the colour of the spike in question (hence my ankle is grumpy from the constant changing from one wee bit to the next!).  I’ve also ‘in the ditch’ed around all the stars, so my next step will be pebbles in the LV bits.  My ankle may cheer up at the constant pressure, but my wrists may not at the FMQ.  Oh well, we’re meant to suffer for our art, right?!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish the mini
Make and write up the tutorial for Poppies & Polka Dots (which rather handily will be my swap extra, nothing like a little multi-tasking!)
Make up the pattern for Quilt Now Issue 18
Try not to lose my sanity if my downstairs neighbour loses his keys again and leaves me with another night with only 3 hours of sleep …

I’ve got another couple of things I need to get to as well, but I suspect that will be for late next week when I’m off on holiday!

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: