My Schnitzel & Boo mini swap actually wrapped up last week, but since I’ve had other things I had to post about in the interim, my ‘nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah, look what I got’ post has had to wait until now.  It means I get a double whammy of rubbing people’s noses in it after posting my thanks on IG last week *ahem*.

So this round I finally got someone that wasn’t a complete stranger to me prior to the swap, in fact it was none other than my Brit Bee buddy Susan of Canadian Abroad fame (oh yes, and LP&Q fame, but we knew her online first ;o) )  I learned that apparently I’m scary to make for, she was worried and a previous partner seems to have fessed up in the comments on her blog too – oops!  Probably best that I haven’t signed up for any more for a while then…

Anywho, this is the lovely mini I received:

It certainly ticks all the bright colourful boxes, and there’s some very cool texture on it from the quilting.  You’ll have to take my word for that, I’m not letting anyone else put their grubby mitts on it!  Now if it had been me, I’d have paper pieced that baby, but this is actually a combination of HSTs, HRTs, squares and a few other Ts without acronyms.  Yeah, no, never in a million years, no matter how much I loved my partner would I do that!

Not only did she go above and beyond in the piecing, but I got one of her uber cute HR pinnies, which was perfect timing as I had just realised I needed another one to go with a fresh box of pins (don’t ask, my pins have a grading system of use!)  I shall have to be very careful not to stick anyone though…

There was also a suitably geeky mini charm pack and some resealable Terry’s chocolate orange segments.  The resealable-ness baffles me, but clearly someone in the Terry’s factory is pretending they have restraint!

The partner I sent to was a new to me IG-er, Susi from @lillaluise, who had an obvious (and confessed) love of all things HR and bright autumn colours, and a slightly intimidating feed, but hey, nothing ventured and all that!  Thankfully she and her daughter seemed to like the package I sent:



I’m taking a break from swaps for a wee while now while I try and catch up on a ton of other things I’m meant to be working on, but I’m sure I’ll get an urge to play again next year some time!