First things first, Happy Birthday Gran!  She’s 91 today, but she’s not getting her birthday pressie and dinner out ’til mum and dad are up this weekend, so she’s just got a phone call for today.

Moving on, whew, after last week’s run in with Abigail the Gale, now we’re being Battered by Barney, it must be winter!  Flipping freezing anyway, especially when I was out for dinner last night in every cold restaurant and pub on Queen Street, and I got snowed on last week in Braemar.  Still, the good thing about winter is that you don’t feel guilty about spending time indoors sewing, so after getting out and about on adventures during the day while I was up on Royal Deeside from Thursday to Sunday, I happily stitched all evening with Sky Go on my laptop for company.  I did try some sewing with my new wee Featherweight (who needs a name) but she’s skipping stitches, so I think she needs to visit the Singer Spa before getting out again.  Thankfully I’d also taken Big Brother with me, so I could carry on regardless.

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

I picked up the Moda Building Blocks pattern recently from the lovely Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting who was having a clear out sale.  I’d decided to make it my Featherweight project, and also my project to start using my Clearly Perfect Angles clings (which I’ll report back on shortly, it’s amazing!)  Even though I ended up using Big Brother for these first blocks, I love how they came out.  I’m trying to stick to the original colour scheme, except that I’m using patterned stash fabrics only, absolutely no buying for this one!  The background is varying white Grunge fabrics.  Technically I only needed 1 of the pink HSTs and 1 of the white/yellow/mint/grey QSTs, but I made in bulk, so I’ll have some spare blocks for the back…

I was doing some cleaning up of my sewing table before I headed north and found an old WIP that I’d cut and sewn 2 rows of ages ago, so I decided to take it with me.  You may remember its twin with the velveteen backing (pictured) but this one will have a voile back too.  Now that I’ve got the top sewn together I’m going to take it into the Stitchery tomorrow and take advantage of the big high tables to baste it before class!

I also filled in a few gaps on the secret project and designed a template in Illustrator for another part.  Since I can’t show the project, I thought the screenshot of the template in progress might amuse you:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Basting the voile quilt
Next Quilt Now project
Finishing the top of the secret project

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: