I started to write this on Sunday night, but then there was a bang outside at the electricity substation and the electric went off immediately after.  It may have been a sign that this shouldn’t be shown to the world, but suck it up, you’re getting it anyway ;o)

A while ago I was talking to my Sew Brit Bag Camp partner in crime about pattern writing.  We both have completely different approaches to it, in that having calculated what we need to cut, she writes out the whole pattern and then makes it, while I write it as I go.

There are pros and cons to both approaches, but I was wondering about my approach when I found myself sitting there twice on Saturday thinking ‘Oh shit, I should have sewn that on earlier’, firstly when I noticed the roll of strapping sitting there and realised I’d forgotten to sew the ends of my adjustable strap onto the sides of the bag before I sewed the sides, front and back together, and secondly when I realised that because of the method I was using to close the bag, I should have sewn the flap onto the back before sewing the sides, front and back together.  It wasn’t impossible to fix, but was just a bit awkward.

There may have been cursing, sulking and stomping off in a huff, leaving it in time out, but I can neither confirm nor deny that fact.

So anyway, I did have 1 thing going in my favour, for the first time ever I was making two identical bags side by side, so since I’d only screwed one of them up by sewing the sides on already, I could still get the pattern photos taken properly with the 2nd bag.  And all was right with the world…

Here’s the aftermath of the weekend’s sewing, you can decide whether this is an indication of success or just that I need a thread bin hanging by my machine ;o)