Sorry for the slightly unexpected hiatus there, I was down at my mum and dad’s for Christmas, and wasn’t in touch with my laptop while I was away!  I hope you all had a good festive season anyway, however you chose to celebrate (or otherwise).

Before I headed off I made a couple of wee Christmas ornaments so that the Christmas Koala, Christmas Cactus and the Christmas bunting don’t get lonely.  Everyone does that, right?  Or does everyone not have a Christmas Koala?

Anyway, this wee sewing machine came from Betz White’s pattern shop on Etsy.  I’ve seen someone replace the santa hat with a mini quilt, so it could be a totally year round decoration, maybe I need to tackle one of those next, after all I have other colours of felt…

Paddy The Penguin came from a pattern I actually bought last year from Sweetbriar Sisters after I saw it on IG, but although I ordered the fabric I didn’t get him made, possibly because some of it arrived after Christmas.  He should have a santa hat too, but I haven’t got around to making that yet, and Big Brother threw a strop after the last present was finished, so he’s not up for helping me right now unfortunately.  Without the hat he’s another year rounder though don’t you think?  Or are penguins in July odd?

He looks a wee bit sad here, but he’s a happy penguin, honest!