It’s been a very weird week this last week, partly because I was in and out of the office and didn’t quite know which way was up come the weekend (hence I totally forgot to put a post up for Monday).  Anywho I got some sewing done and some teaching done and went out to dinner last night with a bunch of friends, so it was a pretty successful week too.  In other news, for those that followed the great bath saga of ’15, guess what?  They finally came and replaced it!!!  Alas, the bath pillow I ordered following the blessed event is back ordered and won’t arrive for 3 weeks :'(  I will have a relaxing new years bath though damnit!

It’s my last class of this beginner’s quilting session tomorrow, so I get a wee break until the 18th January when the next round begins (now on Mondays).  I also have a class on Saturday which is a taster session and my students will be making quilted Christmas stockings.  I’ll try and get some photos from both classes for you, with their proud makers.

Finishes This Week:

I got my stocking class prep done, but it looks quite uninspiring as bits lol

In Progress This Week:

Remember the weird diagram from a couple of weeks ago?  Well it was actually working towards one of three templates I made for teeny dresdens (with 2″ blades), which in turn were to go into the secret project as flowers.  It’s the only bit I’ve been able to photograph separately (you’ll understand when you finally see the whole thing!), so it’s nice to be able to share a bit.  I did learn though that I cannot use bias tape makers.  I just can’t!

This wee one subsequently got bumped from the flowers in a vase option, but I have another plan for it elsewhere (and obviously a centre for it too!)

I also started plotting patterns for Christmas presents, and pulling fabrics.  Anyone have any idea of what to give the 91 year old who has everything?!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finishing the top of the secret project
Operation Christmas presents is under way!

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: