This has been the week of the giant block. It’s also been the week that winter finally decided to accompany the rain that’s been falling for months, giving us some more ‘solid’ rain, and freezing temperatures, so that meant it was totally okay to be sitting inside and making things ;o)

I did also hang some things on my wall, like swap minis, wall planners and Kona colours, I’m sure my downstairs neighbour was thrilled by the hammering, oh, and the moment that I dropped my 20 1/2″ square ruler from above the door where I was measuring the location for one of the minis…  The ruler’s fine BTW, which is good as I needed it for the block making!

Finishes This Week:

I’ve had this planner for about 6 months, and I finally got around to hanging it up AND filling it in this weekend.  I think it’s designed for a family, but I’ve just used a row per week and filled up to mid February.  I’ve added blog posts, things I need to sew, patterns I need to write, things I need to do for the day job, and also things I need to do to have a life ;o)  I have a terrible habit of mentally double booking myself (not that I don’t get things done, just that I seem to run out of available time to do other unplanned things), so I’m hoping this will solve that, all in the name of my word for the year, Freedom!

I also finally finished my Kona Colour Card notice board, it’s ridiculously easy to make unless you’re the queen of procrastination like me!  Here it is in place above my cutting board:

Lastly, this fabric arrived for me on Monday from the Eternal Maker destash – I just love this fabric, and I knew it would be perfect for a birthday gift for later this week, so I whipped up a little thing on Monday night (although since the recipient is an avid reader, I can’t show you the finished thing yet!)

In Progress This Week:

I got the 2 biggest blocks from the Moda Building Blocks put together – 36″ blocks are no joke!  I’ve been making this quilt entirely from stash, trying to stick to the original colour scheme from the pattern.  These blocks both challenged my tendency to buy fabric by the half yard or FQ, because finding pieces big enough to cut a 19 1/4″ square (for sub cutting) took rather a long time!  I ended up raiding separate stashes that I’d hoarded for making bags, and it was really quite freeing, so I managed to embrace ‘freedom’ twice this weekend!  Unfortunately, due to the terrible weather this weekend, the lighting wasn’t the best for these pics:

To Be Worked On This Week:

According to my planner I need to:

Write up the first of the Sew Brit Bag Camp patterns
File my taxes (booo)
Make the next Brit Bee block

Let’s see how I actually do ;o)  Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: