I can’t believe we’re 3 weeks into 2016 already!  But it seems that this whole ‘having a plan on the wall’ thing is actually working, even if I did spend some of Friday evening doing my accounts so that I could file my tax return at the weekend (living the life I tell you!)  I was nearly derailed by the HMRC website refusing to play on Sunday, but by Monday evening it was all back up and 20 minutes later I was done.  For the first time I actually had everything in the one place, it was unnervingly quick!

Anyway, when I wasn’t satisfying the taxman, I made my next Quilt Now project, this month’s Brit Bee block and a Moda Building Block, and now I’m waiting on a delivery for the next project.  The new project was a left fielder that came in at the end of last week, but with my handy new wall planner I could reshuffle things to accommodate it.  I’m still waiting for the penny to drop when I twig that I’ve forgotten to even plan something important, but we’ll see…

Finishes This Week:

This is now on it’s way to QN Towers for issue 21, albeit in a slightly different form!  The fabric is from the Colour Me range from Michael Miller.  There’s quite a few prints in the line, but this one was a paisley and butterfly print.

Apologies for the horrible lighting on LJ’s Brit Bee block, but this is a BIG sucker at 15″ x 30″, and I didn’t finish until after dark on Sunday.  There are a million bits in this block (well, it felt like that anyway, there’s actually *only* 175!))  The petals aren’t actually staying where they are, but I have RSI issues that mean I can’t needle turn applique them all, so I’m trading that part with my lovely bee mate Fiona who will then pass me some FPP at a later date :o)

In Progress This Week:

I got the next biggest of the Moda Building Blocks done on Monday.  As I’m making these blocks I’m trying to stick to the original colours from the pattern, but this block was an icky colour combo, so I took inspiration from LJ’s block and got quite close.  This one is 24″ and now I’m tackling the next 18″ one, although I’ve run out of space on my design wall!

To Give You A Laugh This Week:

Reene mentioned on IG a couple of weeks ago that John Lewis had a sale on AMH Loominous.  It’s a line that I didn’t rush out and buy when it came out, but there were one or two nice ones in there, and at £7/metre it was worth checking out.  Unfortunately my local John Lewis didn’t have any in stock, but there was a little on line.  I only bought a couple of metres, but this was how it arrived…

To Be Worked On This Week:

Left field project
Some more Moda Building Blocks while waiting for the fabric for the left field project
Write up the QN Issue 21 pattern

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: