I happened to mention last week that I was doing a little quilt show judging, and there was some interest from people in what that might entail, especially from a competitor’s perspective.  The show I’m involved in judging is online, but I’ve taken part in both online and real life quilt shows before, and actually I’m really intrigued by what judges look for too!

This is a judging slip I got back from the British Stitch & Quilt Village a couple of years ago:

So there is a criteria that the judges were given in that show, but it can be very hard to tell why you got the marks you did, where that puts you in the overall rankings for your category and why you didn’t win.

Looking at it now from a judging perspective I can see a few things that would be helpful to pass on, but is there anything in particular you’d like to know?  I’m hoping to get a few different judges to give their insight, so leave me a comment if there’s a specific question you’d like me to ask.