Last week I reviewed the Stitch Guide Foot that I’d just got for my Brother, and I promised you another fabulous foot this week, so let me introduce the Teflon Rolling Foot:

I saw my friend Bree (@mycraftycrap) on Instagram using one of these a few weeks ago when she was sewing some vinyl and I was intrigued by what magical mystical powers it may have that an ordinary Teflon foot does not, as she was absolutely loving the results from it.

I bought an ordinary Teflon foot about 5 years ago, excited about the thought that I could use it with laminates, but unless it was very thin laminated quilting cotton it steadfastly refused to glide over the surface.  In home dec weight laminate, that I used most frequently it just got stuck, so I rather sadly set it aside and went back to using tissue paper between the fabric and my normal foot.  Now don’t get me wrong, the tissue paper works great, but it is a bit of a PITA to get the last wee bits out of the stitching, and as I sew this kind of thing relatively frequently I decided to push the boat out and spend £10 on this foot to see how it went.

In construction it’s quite interesting, there are the 2 big rollers at the front, and another 2 small ones just behind where it clips on to the machine.  They effectively work like a walking foot does with the feed dogs, feeding the fabric through evenly top and bottom, and it’s this grip that helps it to move across the surface of thicker laminates and faux leathers.

I used it on the Advanced Camp Bag the other day and it was beautifully fast and pain free and the stitches came out nice and evenly:


So if you’re someone that uses faux leather and laminates a lot, splash out a little on one of these babies, they’re well worth the money!