Santa brought me a belated gift last week in the form of the Desert to Sea book compiled by Jane Davidson.

I think it was taking the slow boat all the round the world 3 times, but still, its label when it arrived amused the girls at reception at work no end, thanks for that Jane ;o)

The patterns for the ten quilts in the book were created by 8 different Australia based designers, many of whom I’m sure you’ll recognise from your social media travels.

Although all the patterns are good, these 3 were my absolute favourites, I suspect subliminally it’s partly because of the colour schemes, but it’s mainly because they are not conventional quilt blocks, and I quite like the rebelliousness of  that :o)

I have seen that Lorena’s taught classes in her Opal Essence quilt for those lucky enough to live in Australia, I’m sure it’s a fun class!

I do love a good rainbow, and there’s also Tula in this quilt from Danielle, which may have sucked me in a bit:

Rachael’s work is always very cool, and she really embraces colour along with the more unusual design elements, like incorporating ricrac into her orange peels:

Her quilt is also featured with a koala, I think that should be a staple of every pattern from now on.  First catch your koala ;o)

The book is available from Amazon as well as directly from Jane and a number of other online booksellers, I think you all need to rush out and get one now!