Well I think I should count myself lucky that I didn’t blow away this week with 2 storms passing through with 60 + mph winds!  Oh, and it’s still raining.  One day it won’t rain at all and that yellow thing will appear in the sky, but I’m starting to think that’s the stuff of myths and legends…

Anywho, I hid from the storm in two places this week, on Saturday at the Celtic Connections Song School, where I sang Songs Of The Sea followed by some Bold And Bawdy songs with a great local group called Muldoon’s Picnic.  I had taken a class with them last year and enjoyed it so much that I decided that the 2 classes I was going to do this year would both be with them.  Come to think of it, many of the songs might be handy if we ever need to start building that ark!  Anyway, if you have subsequently found yourself in my vicinity you may have heard me singing a few of these songs to myself, not all of them entirely polite (google the lyrics to Yarmouth Town or the Drunken Scotsman for an example ;o) )

On Sunday I got the second of my 2 bags finished for Dashwood Studios to display in their booth at Stitches later this month.  That and fixing the strap for the 1st bag, was the sum total of all my sewing for the last week, as I was otherwise engaged in grown up business things (ie the boring stuff)

I hope you all had a fun week and didn’t blow away either!

Finishes This Week:

With apologies for the awful lighting, since I took these photos at 11:30 last night with my desktop studio lights, here is my Rainy Days & Mondays Bag, using Dashwood Studios’ Streetlife collection.  I used some Bosal In R Form fusible foam for this one and I love the structure it gives it:

And here’s the Mini Messenger Bag from last week, complete with strap.

In Progress This Week:

I’m going to say that ordering fabric from our kind sponsors at Remnant Kings, plus a 40″ zip for the Sew Brit Bag Camp pattern (advanced) is totally progres

To Be Worked On This Week:

Hanging out with my mum and dad, who will be up this weekend staying at my gran’s
The Camp Bag Pattern #2
Doing a little quilt show judging

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: