Last week Lee announced that after more than 5 years he was going to put her weekly Work In Progress Wednesday on a time out so that she could have a break and pursue a lot of other exciting opportunities.  I understand where she’s coming from, and I’ll miss the weekly link up, but I think I’m going to keep my posts for a while, because it’s good to keep myself accountable somewhere other than my whiteboard so that people can give me a suitable kick up the posterior as required ;o)

Last weekend my mum and dad were up so we could go out to my birthday dinner, dad could go on his Christmas present local microbrewery tour, and my mum could put me on the ‘Saturday diet’ whereby she promised to pick me up for lunch and turned up at 3pm.  I’ll forgive you eventually mum, possibly by next year…

I spent Sunday wrestling with a million pattern pieces for the ‘Advanced’ bag camp pattern and trying to fight off a cold and chest infection that finally felled me on Tuesday.  Meh.  The zipper that prevented me from starting to sew said bag pattern finally arrived on Tuesday as well, but I won’t be up to actually tackling it until the weekend, so in the meantime I tackled a couple of the Moda Building Blocks because it was mindless sewing that I didn’t have to think about, write about or take progress photos of.

Finishes This Week:

My normal lung capacity was definitely finished off on Monday, but no sewig finishes.

In Progress This Week:

I got 2 more of the 18″ Moda Building Blocks finished, so I have 2 left before I move down to the 12″ blocks.  It’s been fun digging out fabrics I’d stocked up on because I knew I’d *need* that colour at some point but hadn’t as yet cut into, or had used very little of.  Each fabric will only appear once in the quilt, so I’m getting through quite a lot of my stash as I go.

This week it was sheepy dots and herringbones:

Plus flurry dots and flowers:

Some point soon, when the sun comes back again and I think about it early in the day, I will photograph all the blocks I’ve done so far and plug them into a grid so I can get a preview of how they’ll all look together.

To Be Worked On This Week:

Unblocking my sinuses, breathing more easily and not coughing
The remaining bag camp bag

Hope you all have a great week!