Ugh, what a week!  I’m still not feeling 100% and at some point on Saturday after I’d finished shouting at 2 rugby teams on the telly who managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, I began to suspect that my fridge just wasn’t fridging like it should.  On Sunday I discovered that it really, really wasn’t doing the whole ‘keeping the food cold’ thing, so I hit google and got to work resolving the problem.  So for once I’ll be saying ‘yay’ to the nice cold weather because for 2 days I had to have my food in cold bags/boxes out in the close, and the frozen stuff transferred to my other little freezer (some ice cream had to be sacrificed for this endeavour, I have never, ever eaten a whole B&J’s tub’s worth in one sitting before, I felt a bit sick!)  The good news is that I finally got it working again last night, but I spent more time upside down and lying inside a dismantled fridge/freezer trying to find ice than I would ideally have liked :o/

The net result of that is that I got a couple of Moda Building Blocks done on Thursday and Friday after work, and only half of the advanced bag camp pattern done (having to take step by step photos slows you down something terrible).  Things will be better this coming weekend though, there’s no rugby for starters…

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

I added 3 more of the 12″ Moda Building Blocks to my collection, 2 of which were ridiculously simple and the third wasn’t as hard as it looks.  I’ve only got another 4 to do and then it’s on to the hundreds of 6″ ones:

This is the fabrics and some of the zips that the advanced camp bag is being made from, but while I have photos of lots of bits, I have nothing tangible to show you otherwise!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finishing the camp bag (before it finishes me)
Quilt Now Issue 22 project

Hope you all have a fabulously productive week!